At COANSA, we work with leading companies in industrial sectors to offer marketing and logistics solutions. We believe in the power of alliances to drive mutual success and provide exceptional value to our business partners. Below are some of our business partners:

Global provider of solutions to optimize the supply chain, reducing the total cost of packaging and logistics through its reusable metal container packaging systems, which enable the shipment of goods worldwide via land, rail, or sea transport.

Creates aseptic and non-aseptic flexible packaging solutions for industries including consumer goods, food, technology, among others, as well as filling equipment.

Dedicated to the production and development of high-quality, technologically advanced adhesives for rubber, metal, coatings, and thermal management materials that enhance the performance of the final product.

A global leader in adhesive solutions for industrial packaging.

Provides cost-effective and highly secure solutions for industrial chlorination and water treatment processes.

A leader in the Central American region in the plastics industry.

Provider of logistical solutions, integrating services such as Fiscal Warehouse, Free Trade Zone, General Warehouse, Inventory Control, and Local Distribution.

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